When you give up your time and energy to work hard for your employer, you expect you’ll be taken care of if you become hurt because of your job.

But what if you won’t be taken care of? What if you’re denied the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to?

That’s where Brian Prucker and his team at American Legal Services can help. If you’ve been looking for workers’ compensation lawyers in Connecticut, rest easy knowing you’re in experienced hands.

We’ll take care of your workers’ compensation case, start to finish, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most: providing for yourself and your family.


Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for a workers’ compensation lawyer in Connecticut:

  • Brian Prucker’s experience in workers’ compensation cases includes trauma, injury, repetitive trauma, and occupational disease at hearings, formals, or appeals;
  • An occupational disease is a chronic condition that arises because of time spent working in a harmful environment with exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos or chemicals;
  • Taking detailed notes regarding the conditions that led to your injury as soon as possible may help strengthen your case as well as documentation and witness statements;
  • The statute of limitations (or the longest period of time that may pass, from discovery or injury date, for you to still be able to make a claim) for workers’ compensation cases in the state of Connecticut is generally 1 year from injury date (or 3 years from discovery for occupational disease claims). It is essential that you consult with a qualified attorney as exceptions to the statute of limitations may exist;
  • Winning a workers’ compensation case could mean not only earning financial restitution, but also medical treatment and future rehabilitation services for the injured worker;
  • Brian Prucker has over 30 years of experience in workers’ compensation cases;
  • Our around-the-clock web site availability makes it easy to get in touch;
  • Our no-fee guarantee means you won’t be charged for our services or for any costs unless we win or recover your workers’ compensation claim or appeal.  The call and no obligation are free.  Know your rights. Don’t be hurt again. Not sure if you have a case? – just call. We’ll give you our straight opinion.


Our team is experienced in all facets of workers’ compensation law, Attorney Prucker’s real life work experience means he can relate and understand the injury issues workers face on the job in real life.

Whether it’s regarding trauma, injury, repetitive trauma, or occupational disease—and whether you’re looking to file for a hearing, formal, or appeal—we’ll help you every step of the way. It doesn’t cost a cent more to be represented from the beginning.

And because we get that you’re busy rehabilitating and taking care of yourself, we’ll handle your legal claim. You’ve got better things to do; like taking care of your family, taking care of yourself, and—if you can—getting back to work. We’ll take care of asserting your claim for the benefits for which you are eligible.

You’ve worked hard for your employer. Your employer should have your back for any legitimate injury claim. That’s often not the way it works in real life. If the employer or their insurer is not responding as they should after you’ve been hurt on the job, give us a call. The consultation is 100% free, and we can’t wait to help. Employment is a two-way street. Discrimination as a result of a work-related injury claim is prohibited by law (C.G.S. 31-290a) only after you’ve filed a claim.