Getting in an accident that causes you physical and psychological damage can be a scary thing. But the financial and emotional distress that comes after can be even scarier if you don’t have the right resources.

Whether it’s related to motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, or even wrongful death, our attorney’s background of practice area as a personal injury lawyer makes him your number one resource in seeking justice in court.

Here’s some facts you may need to know if you’ve been searching a personal injury attorney in CT.


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  • Taking detailed notes of your personal injury incident as soon as possible may help strengthen your case;
  • You may have sufficient grounds for a personal injury claim if you suffered physical or psychological damage even if you were partially at fault;
  • Even if the harm caused by the third party wasn’t intentional, you might still win compensation if the incident was a result of negligence;
  • The statute of limitations (or the longest period of time that may pass, from discovery date, for you to still be able to make a claim) for personal injury in CT is generally 2 years—meaning we may still be able to help you even if you’ve fully recovered from your accident;
  • Brian Prucker has over 30 years of experience as a personal injury attorney in CT
  • Our around-the-clock web site availability makes it easy to get in touch;
  • Our no-fee guarantee means you won’t be charged a fee or a cost ever for our services unless we win your case or recover for you.

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Let us worry about your case. It does not cost you any additional fee to be represented immediately.  Indeed, it may save your case.  You should undertake to document if you are able, seek immediate medical attention, and spend your time with your family and recovering from your incident. Your loss of the activities of daily living are a substantial component of your claim.


Personal injury law is our area of practice. We’re well-versed in claims involving:

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