The town of Tolland, Connecticut is a historical location, first settled in 1715, that has remained the very essence of “small town” living. The area has a charming feel, thanks to the presence of antique stores, old-fashioned penny candy, and historical sites. As a citizen of Tolland you take pride in the Old Tolland Jail museum and fine establishments like bed and breakfasts and restored Victorian houses. Since Tolland, Connecticut is such an affluent locale, you may think that you are exempt from unfortunate circumstances that would make consulting with a personal injury or Social Security attorney in Tolland necessary.

Accident Attorney In Tolland County Near Tolland, CT

Accidents, especially motor vehicle and work accidents, can happen at any time. Tolland, CT is home to many major factory and industrial jobs. These are some of the places where occupational diseases and risk of injury is among the highest. Even if you are working in an insurance company office, you are never fully assured that injury will not happen to you or your family. And for those who are retired, disabled, or already injured from an unfortunate accident or loss of a family member due to malpractice, you have suffered enough.

With over 30 years of experience legally representing Connecticut and Tolland County residents just like you, American Legal Services wants to give you the same advantage in court. We are not the typical lawyer who asks for money in the beginning. Once you win your case, then the negligent party pays because we believe in giving you relief from a burden, not adding another financial stressor on top of it.

What Does American Legal Services Offer To Tolland Residents?

As your Tolland County attorney, we can aid you in the following:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Social Security
  • Accidents and Personal Injury

Our process for winning these cases is proven. Oftentimes, you don’t even need to step foot in court, because we can assist you with filing claims so that things get done correctly the first time.

Worker’s Compensation Legal Services In Tolland County

As we mentioned before, sometimes you cannot help getting hurt at work. If you have sustained trauma (either new or repeated), an injury, or even an occupational disease from harmful environments, we have you covered—even when your employer or insurance agency does not. In fact, by using us as your Connecticut lawyer, your chances of winning your Worker’s Compensation case is not only higher, you may be also awarded full medical treatment for the condition as well as future rehabilitation.

Social Security Lawyer Services In Tolland County

There are times when Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury remedies need to be supplemented. If you have been injured or are undergoing a battle with a disease that prevents you from going to work you may be eligible for Social Security. Disability is not only the cessation of work, it is an enormous and often unpredictable stressor placed upon your family, especially if everyone is relying on your income.

Despite this, the government or state disability services may decline your request to claim your Social Security benefits. Usually denial can be reversed, especially when you work with an experienced Connecticut attorney who does not refer your case out of state and who is well-versed in Social Security Disability claims (SSD and SSI). At American Legal Services, Brian Prucker and his team will help you not only initiate your Social Security claim but also provide ongoing assistance with an appeal if you have been denied.

You worked hard for that money. You deserve those benefits will be fairly awarded.

Personal Injury Attorney In Tolland County, Near Tolland CT

You have been hurt unduly through the negligence of another. Compensation for that injury, especially if you now must receive medical care, should be yours. Depending on the trauma that resulted from this injury, you may have difficulties returning to your normal quality of life. Fortunately, American Legal Services can be your personal injury law firm in Tolland County, CT for any of the following issues:

  • Liabilities, like dog bites and slip and falls
  • Motor vehicle accidents, ranging from cars, motorcycles, and even trucks
  • Uninsured and insured car insurance claims
  • Medical and nursing home malpractice
  • Negligence and wrongful death
  • Dram Shop liabilities
  • And much more!

You may not see your exact issue up above, but it’s okay. We still may be able to help you. If you have questions or concerns, such as how American Legal Services, LLC can be of service, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Appointments can be made for whenever it is most convenient, since we have time slots available during day, night, and the weekend. Also, you have nothing to lose, because consultation is free of charge. So, Tolland, CT, how can American Legal Services assist you today?