Once a tract of land that was owned by the Podunk Indians which transitioned from agricultural plains to residential, South Windsor, Connecticut is a quiet place for families to dwell. Commercialism has spread throughout the area, but that has not taken away from both the historic and natural landscape of this lovely area in Connecticut. This area has a long history with being a backbone of American progress, such as having tobacco shade grown as a major crop. South Windsor industry was even beneficial to the American Revolution, when 200 volunteers opted to aid in farming and shipbuilding for the war. In that sense, the South Windsor community has a strong sense of justice.

Why Hire An Attorney Who Knows South Windsor?

Living in an established community however, doesn’t mean the residents of South Windsor are safe from accidents and personal injury. Furthermore, the aging and disabled community of South Windsor is always in need of legal aid, especially when it comes time to claim the social security benefits that they deserve. Do not let your social security or disability benefits slip through your fingers. If you have been injured at work in or near South Windsor, have a chronic disease or disorder that keeps you from work, or have been dealt trauma from a certain event, call for a free consultation.

Connecticut attorney Brian Prucker and his experienced team at American Legal Services in Vernon, CT will work for you as your hardworking attorney near South Windsor. You will not have to pay anything until you win your case—so you have nothing to lose.

American Legal Services is not your typical CT law firm in the South Windsor area. Our services include areas which can be most devastating to your livelihood: car accidents, a denial of Social Security or disability benefits, personal injury, and worker’s compensation. If you have been injured, you need professional representation to protect yourself and your family’s economic well-being. Call now and we at American Legal Services will be glad to be of service.

What Does American Legal Services Offer For South Windsor Residents?

Our Connecticut law firm is experienced in the following:

  • Accidents and Personal Injury
  • Social Security
  • Worker’s Compensation

Personal Injury Legal Services Advocating On Behalf Of The People Of South Windsor, Connecticut

There is more to personal injury than just the physical trauma. Accidents caused by the negligence of others, no matter what kind, cause both psychological and physical wounds that can prevent you from returning to your previous quality of life. The economic burden can be financially devastating for you and your family.

The experience American Legal Services has dealing with personal injury cases is vast. If you need a personal injury attorney near South Windsor, consider us your ultimate resource.

Here are some issues within personal injury law that we cover:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – ranging from motorcycles to trucks; uninsured and insured claims
  • Medical and nursing home malpractice
  • Premises Liabilities – even dog bites
  • Dram Shop Liabilities
  • Negligence and wrongful death

If you’re still not sure if we can be of service, give us a call!

Social Security Legal Services

It’s never your choice to become disabled or to have to apply for Social Security (SSD or SSI) benefits earlier than anticipated. Since Social Security claims are often interconnected with Personal Injury law, it has become a focus of American Legal Services to deal with both. Just because the government tells you no or that you are ineligible does not mean you are not entitled to benefits.

You have earned credits during work and when you cannot work and you and your family’s well-being is on the line, you should be able to collect disability benefits.

Together, we can file an appeal or figure out how to best present your eligibility so you get awarded the Social Security benefits you are entitled to.

Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Services

Did you sustain an injury at work? Become ill from the conditions (such as repeated chemical exposure)? Or do you have a disease that is preventing you from working your job? You may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation.  American Legal Services will work with you.

Winning a Worker’s Compensation case means you not only receive restitution for wages but coverage for treatment so you can get back to living your life.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact American Legal Services, LLC today. Scheduling is easy, as we offer home, night, and weekend appointments at time slots most convenient to you. Also, you will not have to pay a thing, as your first consultation is free. As we say, “Know your rights and recourse. Don’t be hurt twice.” We look forward to serving as your Connecticut law firm.